Groats Mills

Easy and comfortable to operate Groats mills, manufactured by "MELINVES" OJSC, allows producing marketable products — cereals and cereal mixtures of high feeding value.

Groats mills are fully completed with technological equipment for processing a wide range of crops.
The equipment ensures high quality grain and cereals sorting. It is easily adjusted to a new kind of product and complies with environmental requirements.

Hulling assembly unit structure, Model R1-BRA-M:

  • Hulling machine
  • Peeling machine
  • Grain-cleaning multiple-purpose machine ZKM-1,5
  • Stone extractor
  • Separator
  • Bucket elevators
  • Set of hoppers
  • Aspiration system
  • Electric equipment
  • Metal structures

Groats mills equipment

Groats mills equipment  
Hulling-polishing machine For wheat and rye hulling at flour mills, various crops hulling and polishing
Sieving A1-BRU For crops and intermediate products sorting, cleaning from impurities and size grading
Separators For grain cleaning from impurities, which differ in thickness and aerodynamic qualities
Aspirator With closed air circuit A1-BDZ for hulling products separation and cleaning from light impurities
Roller mill R1-BSK For hulled grain grinding into grits

In conformity with GOST standard Groats mills manufacture grits out of the following grain types:

  • peas
  • barley
  • wheat

Groats mills for buckwheat, millet, barley, peas, maize, oats and rice processing can be manufactured with the minimum capacity 1 t/h by individual projects.