Flight Conveyors

Flight conveyors with down-dropped cleats are meant for horizontal and gently inclined up to 15? handling of grain and derived products at grain processing facilities,
  • at grain-collecting sections of railway and automobile traffic, as well
  • as at upper-silo and lower-silo galleries of grain storages, flour mills, cereal, feed and oil-extracting plants and other enterprises dealing with grain and oil crops receiving, storage and processing.

  • Maximum length — 65 m.
  • Capacity — up to 175 t/h.

Use of cleats, made of polymeric material, ensures low energy consumption, reliability and durability of grain handling equipment, and, what is most important — permits to considerably reduce grain crack and crash.

Conveyors can be used in other branches of industry for handling bulk products, which have physical and mechanical properties close to grain and the temperature, not exceeding the ambient air temperature.

Conveyors are meant for outside and tented operation, as well as operation at non-heated spaces.

Technical characteristics

Parameter R1-KS-160,
R1-KSB-200 KS-320, KSB-320 KSP-320, KSG-320 R1-KS-400
(maximum), t/h
30 50 100 30 175
Maximum transportation length
(for grain with maximum throughput), m
25 35 50 30 50
Box width, mm 160 200 320 320 400
Installed drive power, kW 1,5; 2,2; 5,5; 11 2,2; 11 from 2,2 up to 37 from 2,2 up to 37 from 2,2 up to 45

Flight conveyors are manufactured in conformity with GOST15150 for operation within the temperature range from -10°С to +45°С.

Bucket elevators with the capacity over 100 t/h are manufactured by individual orders.

Capacity is given with account of biologically clean grain with the bulk weight 750 g/l and moisture content 17%.