Grain Facility Elements

1. Grain Receiving

Raw cereals receipt from automotive transport, railway carriages, river and marine vessels of any capacity.

2. Grain Cleaning

Grain cleaning facilities are meant for post-harvesting cleaning of wide range of croppers: cereals, beans, oil-bearing crops and others. Grain cleaning at equipment, manufactured by "MELINVEST" JSC considerably improves the efficiency of grain drying and subsequent storage.

> grain cleaning equipment

3. Buffer Storage

Buffer storage is meant for assuring continuity of technological processes in the grain storage.

> hoppered silos

4. Grain Drying

"MELINVEST" JSC manufactures shaft and tower type grain dryers, models VESTA and ASTRA, with the capacity from 5 to 100 tones/hour, operating on gas or oil fuel. Grain dryers, produced by “MELINVEST” JSC compare favorably with the analogues of grain dryers, manufactured by other companies with relation to fuel and electric power cost. Grain dryers have automatically regulated drying regimes.

> shaft grain dryers, Model VESTA
> tower grain dryers, Model ASTRA

5. Grain Handling

Bucket elevators and conveyors are widely used both as a part of Melinvest’s technological lines and for updating the existing facilities of native and international brands. Use of up-to-date technologies and materials ensures low energy consumption, reliability and durability of handling equipment and, what is most important, allows decreasing grain stress and crash considerably.

> grain handling equipment

6. Grain Storing

Metal silos are used as long-term storage reservoirs for large volumes of grain products.

> galvanized steel silos

7. Grain Shipment

Dispatch silos are used for grain shipment onto automotive transport and railway carriages.

> dispatch silos

8. Grain Facility Automation

Grain storages have computer-aided testing system and processes control system.