Hoppered silos


Hoppered silos are meant for both long-term and short-term grain storage prior to and following such technological operations as drying or cleaning.

There are two types of hoppered silos:

  • Silos with the cone angle 45°
  • Silos with the cone angle 60°

Hoppered Silos Technical Characteristics:

  • Manufactured in compliance with DIN 1055/87 regulations
  • Designed on the basis of stored product density 850 kg/m3
    Material — galvanized steel, grade S350, minimum zinc coating thickness — 450 g/m2
  • Snow load — 240 kg/m2
  • Wind load — 160 km/h
  • Earthquake load — 0.2 g (8 points on the Richter scale)
  • The body is constructed of corrugated panels
  • Galvanized outer ribbed stiffeners are made out of high-resistance steel (hot deep galvanization)
  • Bichromated electrogalvanized bolts of 8.8 strength grade are equipped with steel washers with rubber inserts.
  • Impermeability of connections is secured by water resistant mastic composite material.

A Silo Consists of:

  • A vertical ladder with protecting hoops and intermediate galleries in compliance with safety requirements
  • A staircase on the roof with safety railings
  • An inspection hatch on the roof
  • An entrance door on the 2-nd layer of the silo with a staircase to the door and a gallery in front of the door
  • Ventilation holes in the roof
  • A set of hold-down bolts, type HILTI