Flat bottom silos

Flat bottom silos are meant for long-term storage of all grain types. They are used at companies dealing with grain storing, at flour mills, feed plants and fat and oil plants as well as at industrial enterprises.

Technical Characteristics of Flat Bottom Silos

  • Manufactured in compliance with DIN 1055/87 regulations
  • Designed on the basis of stored product density 850 kg/m3
  • Material — galvanized steel, grade S350, minimum zinc coating thickness — 450 g/m2 
  • Snow load — 170 kg/m2
  • Wind load — 160 km/h
  • Earthquake load — 0.2 g (8 points on Richter scale)
  • The body is made out of corrugated panels
  • Galvanized outer ribbed stiffeners are made out of the high-resistance steel (hot deep galvanization)
  • Bichromated electrogalvanized bolts of 8.8 strength grade are equipped with steel washers with rubber inserts.
  • Impermeability of connections is secured by water resistant mastic composite material.

A Silo Consists of:

  • A vertical ladder with protecting hoops and intermediate galleries in compliance with safety requirements
  • A staircase on the roof with safety railings
  • An inspection hatch on the roof
  • An entrance door on the 2-nd layer of the silo with a staircase to the door and a gallery in front of the door
  • Ventilation holes in the roof
  • A set of hold-down bolts, type HILTI