Galvanized Steel Silos

Silos provide safe long-term storage of grade grain with low energy consumption and temporary storage of wet grain with aeration and cooling, providing for performance of the following operations with grain:

  • grain receiving
  • grain storing
  • grain final drying and cooling
  • reliable grain protection from atmospheric precipitation & from being spoilt by rodents or birds
  • grain sterilization and silos constructions disinfection
  • stored product temperature control layer by layer
  • stored product sampling
  • product upper ultimate level monitoring inside the silo
  • product discharge from the silo

All silos (storage bins) comply with safety regulations and standards. The silos are manufactured using up-to-date technologies of metal structures production. They are developed on the basis of long-term experience of silos constructions design and production using the advanced achievements in the field of reliable grain storages production.
Structural strength is calculated on the basis of the actual loads. All strength members of the construction, such as body panels, bottoms, supports and others are designed and optimized with the aid of modern computer programs.
The units have passed all-around tests. Batch silo production is certified.

Silos are meant for long-term storage of all grain types. They are used at companies dealing with grain storing, at flour mills, feed, fat and oil plants as well as industrial enterprises.


Are meant for both long-term and short-term grain storage prior to and following such technological operations as dryi

Are used for grain loading onto automotive and railway transport.

High technical level and efficiency of grain storage operation are achieved due to construction fabricability and accuracy of grain storage components and units production.