Feed Plant Structure


Grinder, Model BDK, is meant for milling graminaceous and glumiferous crops, oil cakes during feed manufacture. The initial grain entering the mill chamber is forced by hammers onto the sieve walls till the particle textural composition is less than the sieve mesh diameter and particles are thrown into the grinder body. The milled grain is removed from the grinder through the discharge hole.

Peculiar features of grinders with capacity up to 10 t/h:

  • Product feeding self-adjustment
  • A set of wear-resistant working parts
  • Quick and easy sieves changeover


Mixer, Model BSK, is meant for mixing feed components. Microadditives (moisture content not exceeding 15%) are fed into the mixer from the hopper for microadditives. Due to the unique rotor construction the mixer ensures high degree of the initial product mixture. Mixing homogeneity is 95-97%.

Mixers’ peculiar features:

  • Accurate mixture with high homogeneity degree
  • No «stagnation» zones


Feeders are meant for feed components dosing. It consists of a reception hopper, a level alarm block, an electronic strain-gauge balance, a weighing terminal and a socket. Over- dosing reception hopper capacity is 700 kg.

Feeders’ peculiar features:

  • Strain-gauge platform
  • Indication at the weighing terminal