“MELINVEST” JSC: “While the others talk, WE CONSTRUCT!”

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The present time makes us actively search for optimal ways, study the successful Russian and foreign experience, introduce new technologies, reduce power consumption and improve finished product quality.

Melinvest’s up-to-date integrated solutions have become an important part of the infrastructure of post-harvesting treatment, grain and oil seeds processing and formulated feeds production.

The plant’s experience accounts for 150 years, out of which the plant keeps its profile — flour milling and grain storing equipment manufacture — for more than a century. Melinvest’s products are not only modern lines and assemblies, but safe devices for production cost reduction and agricultural industry profitability rise.

Permanent customers of “Melinvest” JSC rely upon one objective criterion that is the financial result in long-term perspective. They understand the difference between the short-term effect of equipment purchase and its economical efficiency in operation.

Modular concept of complex lines manufactured by “Melinvest” JSC allows upgrading equipment without stopping it, extending its functionality and increasing its productivity in compliance with grain manufacturers’ growth and development.

Investments in equipment manufactured by “Melinvest” JSC pay back many times and in the shortest time. This is possible due to three key factors: reduction of power consumed by equipment, losses minimization and finished product quality improvement. Grain and feeds production becomes a profitable business together with such a reliable partner as “Melinvest” JSC.

While the others promise, WE construct the reliable basement!