28 January 2016

Grain cleaning and drying facilities were launched in Kaliningrad region, Russia

Guryevsk-Agro Ltd. located in Kaliningrad region has been running its grain growing business not for the first year. Annually the company deals with 15-18 thousand tons of wheat, barley and rape.

In August 2014 the farm launched new grain cleaning and drying facilities. It includes a grain dryer Vesta with capacity 30 t/h, diesel fueled. The grain cleaning is made by a separator BIS-100. It also includes a sink and handling equipment for automation of the complex and distribution of grain to the stocks. Melinvest, as an experienced manufacturer of equipment for post-harvest handling and storage, was selected to be the supplier of all the facilities.

Valery Davydyuk, Deputy General Director, shares his impressions about operation of the facilities: "Over two seasons the equipment has proved to be safe. The separator BIS-100 not only makes cleaning of the grain but also makes selection of seeds.

Our operator just needs to change the sieves, choosing the appropriate perforation size. We receive high quality seeds with improved germination capacity and consequently increased harvest per hectare. Our gathering lasts about a month. During this time we work day and night, in two shifts. And we only need one operator for a shift, it’s enough to manage the whole cleaning and drying complex.

First, we had difficulties with commissioning of the handling equipment, but soon we managed to achieve all necessary values. So, in 2015 we worked without any failures"